Our Church name change:

from HTSC to The Lighthouse, Oct 2016.
Church vision: to be “God’s light to the city and to the nations”. 

After careful prayer and reflection with branding specialists, we are preparing to move towards our new church name: The Lighthouse.  This name will align our vision for the church with the vision for new building.  Along with the name, there is a tag description:  The Lighthouse - find your way
This is a change which will take time to get used to, for all of us. But we do believe The Lighthouse will be a name reaching out to the generations growing up who are looking for God and His hope.  It is a name which explains who we are, being a house of God’s light, reflecting His light to the world, light in the darkness, light to find your wayWe remain the same church within the Church of England! Our website will transition to the name on 3rd October, but there will be re-routing for those searching for HTSC.


Answers to frequently asked questions

1. What is our new church name? The Lighthouse.

2. How do I describe our location? We are The Lighthouse London, by Finchley Road tube station.

3. Website - how do I find for the church on the web? Go to www.thelighthouselondon.org

4. What happens if I want to search for HTSC on the web or type in htsc.org ? This page will link you to the new Lighthouse webpage.


If you have any queries about the above, please do talk to us. Please email info@htsc.org or speak to one of the team on Sundays.